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I paint nothing, and only by painting nothing can anything be revealed

I paint. I paint to find things about myself that I otherwise would not have access to.

Things about me, about the world I live in, the relationships we have with each other, the relationships we don't. 

I paint to figure out why I felt a certain way about a total stranger, or why didn't I feel another way? find out what I meant when I said what it was that I said. I'll paint the way I view a great friend. 

I sometimes search for the reasons we reflect on memories and bathe them in various lights

depending on 'how' we wish to reflect on them and how that is so often not based on any kind of reality at all.

I'll paint that. 

I paint the spaces between here and there...and that other space too, the outer one.

What's out there? What does it feel like? What does it look like?  

I paint to expose myself and to explore myself. I sometimes fear what others may see in what I reveal,

but more and more I am letting go of that fear and just painting whatever comes, whenever it comes.

I paint nothing, and only by painting nothing can anything be revealed.