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Original Paintings / Mixed Media / Digital Illustration / Photography & Artist Made Small Batch Prints

Please reach out to me with any questions on prices, sizes & availability.

You can use the chat box located on the lower right. If I'm free to respond, I will be right with you.

If I'm not available immediately, I will respond as soon as I am able to.

You can also email me at 

Happy Shopping!


*Select originals & prints available at The Evergreen Gallery, 28195 Hwy 74, Evergreen, Colorado

Above the Clouds (2023 Print)
Be Still (2023)
Be Still (2023 Print)
Liminal Landscape No. 1
Red Rider
Ceremonial Robes
Duplicitous (Gemini)
Lady Starlight
Spirit Stepping Out of Its Shadow
The Stargazer No. 1
Captured, Enraptured, Swept Up by the Sea
Abstract Thoughts
Beneath the Crushing Weight of Butterfly Wings
Nevermind the Things We'll Find Out in the Forest Under Pale Moonlight
Shine a Little Light
The Ghost Hunter
Staring Straight Up at the Night
Conversations (Before We Fade Away)
She (print edition)
The Day Felix Fell from the Sky
Free as a Bird
She Played His Heart String
Weathered Together
Blackberry Belle
The Witness
Awkward But Not Alone
Whispering Winds
War Paint
Bent Feather (and The Astronomer)
Red Feather
Blue Sky, Red Sun
Tesla (Portrait of Light)
Nobel Man
Nothingman (print edition)
Shame on the Moon
Alone Together
The Appointed
Forgiven II
The Unspoken
Enlightened Male
The Limit
If You Believe
Moon Man
An Exploration of Duality
Tearful Sky Ocean Child
The Man Who Painted Trees
Give & Take
Learning to Fly
Between the Moon & the Stars
Dragonfly Sun
The Bluebird
The Fine Art of Isolationism (blue)
The Fine Art of Isolationism (Evening Sky)
Mist (You)
The Look
Moonshower No
Moonshower No. 2
Moonshower No.3
Moonshower No. 4
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