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Artist Statement


My paintings, my subject matter and at times my mediums, are as varied as the emotions a person goes through on a daily, weekly, monthly, lifetime-ly basis. I paint what I feel, both contemporarily and historically. I don’t place limits on my expression and I don’t expect the viewer to look through a limited scope. What means one thing to me is both capable of, and likely to be, interpreted completely differently by you.


That’s okay. That’s feelings at work and at play. That’s how we human beings process life.


We share a great many things in life. But we each process every last one of them on our own. It makes us who we are. Isn’t that what each of us should be, who we are? Isn’t it our differences and our ability to help each other where needed, my weakness, your strength…and vice-versa, isn’t that where our true best selves live and thrive?


That’s where I’m trying to lead with my work. Not every piece, not every sketch, not every line. Each is part of the whole. Like cells. The collective body of work, is meant to make you realize that you were designed to thrive; that we were designed to thrive together, not to destroy each other. My ‘goal’ is simply that. To help you or those around you realize that we are individuals that need each other and that the song sounds better with harmonies than war drums.

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