Artist Made Prints / Boutique Shop

Boutique Prints are a continuously revolving collection of artist made prints.


They are photographed, edited, printed, stretched, hand glazed, sometimes hand embellished,

framed, and prepared exclusively by the artist's hand - hand signed and shipped out of the studio one at a time.

Availability is extremely limited.   

This is also the place you'll find an occasional photograph, digital illustration, sketch, oddball painting 

and other playful things from around the studio. If you're into that more 'hands -on' kinda stuff.

So - if you see something you love - order it up while it's there.

It may not be available tomorrow or ever again. for reals.

Text, call, message or email me to confirm availability and work out the details.

Browse the gallery below to see what's current in the boutique.

Click an image to enlarge and view details and pricing.

Shipping is not included and will vary depending on item & destination.


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phone/text: 303-564-1705

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