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Artist Statement

​My formal education is in photography. However, I have been working in various mediums for as long as I have memories. I am self taught in all mediums that I explore. My main bodies of work are in acrylic but I also create mixed media works, photography, iPhoneography and digital illustrations. 


My paintings are Expressionistic. I generally work with broad, bold strokes, vibrant colors and multiple layers and textures.I seek to create a representation of an emotional state, a feeling, rather than a direct translation of a specific subject. The subjects of my works originate from various topics of personal interest and curiosity. I find the process of creating is a cathartic experience. Stroke after stroke, layer after layer; scratching and scraping, covering, uncovering and discovering, letting go and losing myself in the process - in turn - reveals things to me that I otherwise wouldn't allow myself to see. 

My purpose is to make a distinct commentary on a transient contemplation. I'm attempting to convey a relationship between the ephemeral and the physical. My ambition is to create a thing which hungers…something striving to connect to others, and in a meaningful way. A pathway to understanding their own similar experiences and curiosities or a way for them to experience and connect to a feeling they may have otherwise overlooked.​

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