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Painting-Based Prints

These are prints based on my original paintings.

A variety of sizes and options available for each print. Please contact me to determine what will best suit your needs.

Meditation Moon
Blackberry Belle
The Transit of Venus
We All Shine On
Weathered Together
Staring Straight Up at the Night
Under the Milky Way Tonight
Dragonfly Sun
Whispering Winds
Red Feather
Beneath the Crushing Weight...
Learning to Fly
Give & Take
Between the Moon & the Stars
Tearful Sky (Ocean Child)
An Exploration of Duality
Free as a Bird
Social Ambiguity
The Healer
The Appointed
The Day Felix Fell from the Sky
A Sense of Falling
Shame on the Moon
Alone Together
He was Seemingly Unfazed...
A Process of Illumination
Awkward but Not Alone
Never Seen No Devil
Nobel Man
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